February 21, 2014

Walking Up To The Hills Of Agistri island

February 21, 2014

Agistri Island is perfect for walkers, photographers and nature lovers but also a great escape for anyone who simply wants to get away from it all.

You can easily walk from one end of the island to the other. It takes about two hours and combined with its beautiful nature and landscapes makes Agistri ideal for walking holidays and trekking tours. It’s an especially good choice during spring and autumn, when temperatures are mild and suitable for short trekking trips around the island. Summer of course is equally beautiful on the island, but requires very early starts before the sun gets too hot.

On your trek, why not take the time to visit old churches, discover hidden caves and old ruins, walk through the pine forests and olive groves and finish with lunch in some of the picturesque villages? Climb to the highest points and enjoy spectacular views of the sea while getting a unique insight into the wild life and nature (plants, insects, birds and animals) of the island. A refreshing and adventurous holiday awaits! 

The picturesque areas of Skala, the village of Metohi and the area around, the village of Limenaria and trekking path to the church of Agioi Anargyroi and Virgin Mary are ideal destinations for anyone who loves walking and trekking. The last path to the chapel is especially popular thanks to its location – the sunset views are second to none and the walk is well worth the effort. 

Another delightful part of walking in Agistri; when you stop for a quick snack, you can take the time to pick some wild flowers and herbs that grow in abundance in the grasslands or beneath shady trees. 

There are several travel agencies offering walking holidays and guided walking tours in Agistri, as well as groups of island lovers who believe it’s the perfect way to really discover this beautiful and unspoiled island. 

Walking and trekking holidays are for the more adventurous travelers. If you are seeking for a unique experience, then come to Agistri for your next holiday. You will be amazed!

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