April 22, 2013

Easter holidays in Agistri! A paradise island in Greece

April 22, 2013

Travelling to Agistri Ιsland for Easter holidays will be an unforgettable experience since easter here is celebrating traditionally.

The natural sights, the clean coasts with calm seas, the rich vegetation, the picturesque villages, the settlements with particular architecture and the ancient monuments attract visitors time and time again.

Agistri island maintains its own unique identity. Verdurous Agistri with its beautiful beaches offers to the visitor: sandy beaches, charming fishing villages, hotels by the sea and yet more to explore.

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April 16, 2013

The secret beach | Laza beach

April 16, 2013

Agistri: a small island in the Saronic Gulf at the west side of Aegina Island with natural beauty, green woods with pines and deep blue waters. If you want a relaxing weekend away from the city’s noise, this is a beautiful island worth exploring.

The island of Agistri may be seem small but it offers plenty of choices of activities to do during the day and by night. Do your research and find your favourite place,

Agistri: a small green island on the Saronic Gulf with crystal deep blue water.

Agistri: a small green island on the Saronic Gulf with crystal deep blue water.
The island offers you a relaxed, yet exciting holiday, whether you are travelling as a family, individual or with friends.